We want to hear about your working life!

We are looking for:

  • People working in Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, or Salford (Aged 18+)
  • Who are working in Health & Social Care, Retail & Wholesale, or Hospitality sectors
  • Who are not full-time students
  • Underemployed:
    • Working part-time but ideally want to work more hours and/or
    • Working below the real living wage, £12 per hour (£2,080 per month / £24,960 per year) and/or
    • Working in a job where your skills or qualifications are not fully used or required 

What are we researching?

This project explores underemployment in the UK. Underemployment is defined as working less hours than desired, earning below the real living wage, or working in a job where skills are not fully used.

Support for the project: We are supported by our four partners: Bristol One City, Nottingham Citizens, Poverty Alliance, and Salford City Council.

Why are you important to this project?

We want to understand more about underemployment. We want to know what causes underemployment, what impact it has on people’s daily lives, and the impact on employers and businesses. 

We want to hear from underemployed workers and learn from your experiences. Your stories will help make recommendations on how to support underemployed workers.

What would I need to do?

We would like to speak to you about your working life, and its impact on your family and social life.

We’d like to have about an hour-long conversation with you in 2023 and again in 2025. We’d also like to have two short catch-ups to see if things have changed before the second meeting.

To thank you for your time, we will provide a £20 voucher for the first meeting, £20 voucher for each catch-up and £50 for the final conversation. If you do all parts of the project, you will receive gift vouchers worth £110.

The conversations will be at a time and place that you choose. These conversations will be about an hour-long and recorded on a password protected device.